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About Us

Hello 👋 we’re the float family. We started Floating Oslo in the summer of 2015. We tried floating for the first time on vacation in Barcelona. We instantly loved it and made a choice there and then that we wanted to bring this to Oslo and allow others to experience what we did.

Like many people in society today we’ve had our ups and downs with mental health. For us meditation was key to helping us process what was holding us back. Like anyone that finds something that works for them we wanted to expose more people to the benefits of meditation. It can be hard to find a technique that works for you as an individual. And with so many techniques out there online it can be overwhelming. When we found the tanks we seen that they were an easier way into understanding the meditative experience quicker with lots of additional benefits too.

We believe strongly that floating has something to offer everyone and we look forward to hosting you on your first float.

See you on other side,

Carl, Josefine, Lennon, Alabama & Frankie the float dog!

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    Åpningstider: Man-Fre: 09:30-21:30Fre-Lør: 09:30-20:30
    Uranienborgveien 25, 0355 Oslo