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Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy

To avoid being billed for a missed appointment, scheduled sessions must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. Float Members who cancel within 24 hours or fail to arrive for their scheduled session may forfeit a float from their membership balance.

However, if the customer can provide a doctor’s note, the cancellation will be considered valid without payment.

Gift Cards

Expired gift cards can be redeemed for 150,- administrative charge.

Cards past one year expired the charge is 250,-

Intro Packs

  • Valid for 2 months from date of purchase
  • For personal use only
  • Expiration is stated on the intro card given to customer at time of purchase.
  • If said card has expired the customer has the right to use the second float within on year. The third float however is never valid after the expiration date.

Patron Membership

  • No binding time
  • Reduced drop in fee (499,-)
  • Free float included at the end of each year still subscribed.
  • Bring a friend and pay 850,- total
  • Monthly fee is fixed. Membership drop in fee can be increased. A notification period of two months must be provided to all members.

Devoted membership

  • No binding time.
  • One float included each month
  • No rollovers
  • Additional floats (350,-)
  • Bring a friend for 450,- (valid once per friend)
  • Cancelation period of one month from cancelation request

Guru Membership

  • Float Freedom
  • Double floats are possible but only on request
  • Bring a friend for 350,-
  • No binding time. Cancelation must be done before the end of month.


Only Floating Oslos administration will be informed that you have purchased services from Floating Oslo. We do not have access to, and do not store your credit card information anywhere in our customer register? Does stripe stoore their card details? In our customer register, you are registered with your email, telephone number and email address (what else does Stripe have on them?) and the customer register is not available to anyone other than Floating Oslos administration. The information will not be disclosed to others. You can request that this information be deleted after (how long?), end of session etc?. Unless otherwise agreed, we keep this documentation for one (how many years?) year from the last visit with us. Your registration in our customer register, and your purchase in our booking system is confidential.


14-day right of withdrawal when buying Floats/gift cards or signing up to memberships online

For all purchases of goods and services on the internet, you have a 14-day withdrawal period. This means that you can cancel the purchase of an appointment, subscription or scrap card within 14 days. This does not apply if the hours / cut card / have floated have already been started within this 14-day period.

Floating Oslo is not liable for damages

Floating Oslo is not responsible for your physical or mental health when you are on time with us.

When you book an appointment with us, you are responsible for your body and your mind. You agree that you may not sue Tanklife AS (floating Oslo or Floating Oslos employees for damages you incur before, during or after your session. Nor on the way in or out of the room. Floating Oslo is not responsible for your assets while you are with us, and has no obligation to replace assets that are lost in connection with your hours.

The refund transfer will take 3-14 days, depending on which bank you use.

Membership and offers within are personal and can not be shared with others.

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