Welcome to to the Float Family

Thank you for supporting our space – a place for community, health and presence. Your monthly membership fee contributes to a place where friends come and heal, rooms where you can lower your shoulders and wake-up to your own being, and space to take an inward turn to yourself. So a massive thank you from us all here at Floating Oslo!

Say thank you to yourself too – Floating is an act of self-love that you deserve! Time in the tank ripples further than the water…

* Being a member of Floating Oslo you are now entitled to:

* Discounted or free floats (depending on your membership)

* Discounts for your friends floating with you that aren’t members (… yet!)

Ripples of Love access (join here or search ‘Ripples of Love‘ on facebook). This group is to connect and share experiences with other floaters… AND we run promotions and giveaways monthly to facilitate your friends that you feel could do with a float!

Welcome aboard and we look forward to meeting you when you float!

Love Carl, Emilia, Matthew, Noemy and Romy